In this post we are explaining about the questions, What is a ‘lockdown’? and In what cases does this provision apply?


The death toll from the coronavirus (COVID-19) has risen to more than 170,000 worldwide. More than two and a half million infections have been confirmed worldwide. Coronavirus has become such a disease in the world, which has spread to 6 continents. Economists say the coronavirus has caused economic damage that the world has not seen or experienced in World Wars I and II.

The coronavirus began in the last week of December in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. After the outbreak of the virus in Huawei province, the Chinese government shut down Wuhan’s capital, Wuhan.

Gradually, the virus spread to other cities in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Europe, and around the world, and now almost cities and towns have been shut down. The situation has reached such a point that the entire country has gone into lockdown so as not to incur further human and economic losses.

Why Lockdown?

Since the coronavirus is transmitted directly from person to person, the only step taken is to stop the spread of the disease. Countries around the world are taking steps to prevent further infections.

As soon as the virus entered Europe, Italy went into lockdown. Before leaving for Italy, other foreigners were visiting Italy from China, a country plagued by infection. Europe and America are facing more human and economic losses than China today because of the delay in the lockdown.


Lockdown is an emergency or emergency arrangement. If a country or city is in a state of lockdown, people in that area are not allowed to leave their homes. The government arranges for the delivery of the necessities of life during the lockdown.

At least developed countries provide home delivery of essential items such as food, clean water, medicine, and masks to their citizens in this situation. Today almost countries are lockdown.

Countries that have gone into lockdown have lost contact with the rest of the world, including air and sea. Lockdown is a good way for people from one country to enter another country. Countries with lockdowns may have different policies in their most affected and less affected cities, with additional rules.

The rent should be deducted throughout the lockdown period. At least in the West, the worst-affected countries have introduced a policy of renting out housing to their citizens who are in a state of emergency. Similarly, various financial relief packages have been announced to prevent the business from collapsing.

Countries that did not go to the lockdown on time are facing a serious crisis, so it is understood that this would be the best decision in case of an emergency. Therefore, the first step in preventing the spread of the coronavirus is to shut down overcrowded cities and locations. It is an easy way to stop the pressure of traffic and to control the adverse conditions.

When was the previous lockdown?

Earlier, in New York City, USA, there were three days of lockdown when a terrorist attack took place. Similarly, the Australian state of New South Wales reported to lockdown to control the 2005 riots. Similarly, the French capital, Paris, was shut down in 2015 after a deadly terrorist attack by IS. But this is probably the first time that a virus or disease has hit the world. This may be the best way to prevent disease.



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