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Truth or Die Death Game (2012) Summarized

Truth or Die Death Game

The story begins, and we notice four friends at the party. Among them the name of the girl was Gemma. They committed to staying together forever and enjoying each other’s company. Their other friend arrives and gives them drugs and the party begins. 

A boy takes a picture that was set up on a table in the meantime, his name was Felix. He actually likes Gemma but could never tell her. Meanwhile, Felix’s friend comes and asks him to tell Gemma that he loves her and wants to marry her. But Felix was quite afraid and refuses to do this. 

Later, Felix’s friend gives him the drugs. He goes to Gemma after becoming drunk and tells her “I like you”. Later, she states, “I don’t think about you in this way.” You’re a good boy and will find a good girl. Hearing this, Felix leaves after his heart hurt. 

Later, they all play the game named truth or dare. speaking the truth after deciding on the truth or taking action after deciding on a dare. Later, Gemma’s friend spins the bottle that stops at Felix. Later, she asks if you get time to spend with a girl for the whole day, She later gives him a piece of paper and asks him to place it on the girl whom you want to choose. 

Felix goes and puts the piece of paper on Gemma afterward. Watching this, Gemma’s friend doesn’t like this he rags. He then goes and barely punches Felix. Felix as a result feels humiliated and moves on. After several years, Gemma and her few friends are seen leaving for a party. That was Felix’s birthday party to which she invited them all.  

Later, all her friends reach there, and they become happy to see each other after a long. When they look around they find no one, later they make noise but no one comes there. 

Truth or Die

Meanwhile, an old man in the car comes and informs them. Felix is waiting for you all in his old house that is situated at some distance. I’ll drop you in my car there, Gemma’s friend refuses and says no thanks, We would instead go for a walk. They eventually arrived at Felix’s old house by walking. 

There, they meet Felix’s brother and they all enter inside. They become shocked to see that there is nothing like a party in the house. Later, Felix’s brother arrives and tells them that Felix is not there. Felix left for the city to carry out a task, he wanted to come but he couldn’t because of that task. I’m sorry I didn’t inform you earlier about this. 

After saying this, he offers them wine. Shocking thing was that there was no bus no station, no police station where they stayed. Gemma’s friend asks Felix’s brother what do you do? He tells him that I’m in the army and these days I’m on leave. 

They all were drunk there except Gemma and her friend Jenny. Felix’s friend says let’s play with the balloon and Felix’s brother says I’ve something better, Let’s play truth or dare, and Felix’s brother spins the bottle and it stops at Jenny. She chooses dare, and she was asked to hug Gemma and she completes it. 

Later, he again spins the bottle that stops at Gemma, and she chooses the truth. 

Her friend asks will you marry me, and she rejects. Later, Felix’s brother spins the bottle that stops at him, and he chooses the truth. Felix hasn’t gone outside the city but he has actually taken his life. 

Death Game

But no one believes him and asks him not to joke. He claims that I’m not joking, he hanged himself in this home. Killing own self is a sign of shame in our family, therefore we kept it a secret that Felix has killed himself. Felix’s friend asks If Felix had killed himself, why did he call us? Felix’s brother says I want to know the truth that what happened that night. 

When you played truth and dare, something happened at that party two years ago. By saying that he brings out a piece of Paper and asks who had sent this paper to Felix. This paper was found in his pocket and it has very immoral language for my brother. For this reason, he has taken his life, and it is also written that truth and dare game is useless. 

Hearing this, Gemma’s friend says” I don’t understand anything” and I’m going. Felix’s brother stops his way and says” you can’t go anywhere “. After saying this he attacks and kills him. Later, Jenny attacks Felix’s brother with a bottle, and he slaps her. She falls as a result of this. Later, after pointing the gun at them he says, You can’t go anywhere. He shoots Gemma’s friend’s leg and begins to call the police. 


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