Tihar Festival( Bhai Tika ) Deepawali Festival

In this post, I’m going to explain about the largest festival of Hindu “Tihar”. In this article, I will explain to you about many things about Deepawali festival ( Tihar) such as;

  • What is Deepawali ( Tihar )?
  • Why Tihar is celebrated? ( Historical background )
  • How Tihar is celebrated

What is Tihar Festival

Tihar is the second-largest festival in Nepal. This festival is also called “Yama Panchak” because it will celebrate for five days. It is a five day festival of Hindu and the most important days are the fourth and fifth days of Tihar. In India, it also calls Vai Dhoj and Deepawali. All five days have different kinds of Names and different worship. This festival shows the love between brothers and sisters, and love between peoples and animals. In the Tihar festival, people will worship Laxmi and Yamraj.

The five days of the festival are as follow;

  • 1st day – Kag Tihar
  • 2nd day – Kukur Tihar
  • 3rd day – Laxmi Puja
  • 4th day – Govardhan Puja
  • 5th day – Bhai Tika

Why Tihar is Celebrate

Tihar is also related to the Historical and cultural book Ramayan. This festival is related to the story of a small brother and a sister. According to that book, Once one brother wants to go to his sister’s house to meet his sister. He had ready to go alone to his sister’s house. His sister’s house was far from his house and he needs to through a big jungle. When he started to move forward and he arrived in that big jungle, Suddenly he saw two Big Snakes ( Kaali Naag and Seti Naag ). One is on the right side and another was on his left side. When the snakes saw him they said the boy “ welcome” we are very hungry, nothing to eat for a long time and they said we finally find a young boy as food. When they catch the boy the boy tells them “ please don’t eat me now, because today I’m very thin and small. Today I’m going to my sister’s house. After five days I will return back and at that time I will eat fruits and delicious food in my sister’s house and I will be healthy and fat. At that time you can eat me. Now my body only has bones so live me today”. When the boy promises them to return after five days, then they allowed him to go.

Tihar Festival

When he arrived at his sister’s house, he tells all the difficulties which he faced on the way to his sister. When sister knew all of these, she starts to pray and worship of Yamraj to save her brother. She gave fruits, other diet food to her brother to make her brother stronger. She worships God to five days. On the last day, she put seven colors Tika on her brother’s forehead and wear Makhamali Mala on his nack. She blessed his brother to victory over the snacks.

On the fifth day, the boy ready to return home as he premise to the snacks. When he had arrived in the jungle, the snacks were very happy to see him and when they attack the boy to eat him, the boy also starts an attack on them. Finally, the boy killed both snacks and he returns his house safely.

Tom remembers this victory of sister blessed brother over the giant snack, the Tihar ( Deepawali) festival start to celebrate.

How Tihar is Celebrate

Tihar is celebrated with the worship of Laxmi and Yamraj. At the time of Tihar, all brothers and sisters will gather together. Some brothers go to their sister’s house and some sisters go to their brother’s house to celebrate the Tihar festival. People will celebrate all five days of Tihar with different styles. All five days have different important and different methods to celebrate.

1st Day – Kag Tihar

Kag Tihar is the first day of the Tihar. Kag means Crow. people celebrate Kag Tihar by calling crow, put food on tree leaves to them. According to Hinduism, a crow is the symbol of a postman of Yamraj.

2nd day – Kukur Tihar

Kukur Tihar is the second day of the Tihar festival. Kukur means dog, so Kukur Tihar means the worship for a dog. On this day people give sweet and delicious food to a dog.

3rd day – Laxmi puja

The third day of Tihar is a special day of the Tihar festival. It called Deepawali. Early morning of this day people worships the cow. They give green grass, food, fruits to the cow. They put Tika and Mala on a cow. A cow is the symbol of Goddess Laxmi ( goddess of wealth ). In the evening of Laxmi puja, people decore their house with different colors of light. Burn candles, Dio, etc. they make many foot stapes of God Laxmi to their house. Young peoples play Vailo this night of Laxmi puja.

4th day – Gobarden Puja

on the second last day of Tihar, people celebrate Govardhan puja. On this day people worship Govardhan.

5th Day – Vatika

the last day of Tihar is called Vaitika or Vai Dhoj. This day sister worship for her brothers to be brave and she gives blessed to get victory over difficulties. In this day sister and brothers put Tika of seven colors and Makhamali Mala. Sisters give sweets, fruits to brothers and Brothers give Dakshina (money) to sisters. If someone doesn’t have any sisters or brothers they go to temples and make strangers as their brothers and sisters. From Laxmi puja to Vai Tika people enjoy playing Deusi-Vailo.


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