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Nepali New Year 2077 | When is Nepali New Year 2077 ?

Nepali New Year 2077

Nepal is an ancient country in South Asia but its calendar date is run 56 years forward than the English calendar. Nepal is the country that celebrates the new year three times a year. Nepali people celebrate English new years, Baikhash 1st New year and Nepal Sambat new year. The Nepali Calendar had started by the formal  King Vikramaditya, who make every Nepali citizen debt-free. The Nepali calendar name Bikram Samvat/ Bikram Sambat was taken from the king Vikramaditya.

In this post, I’m going to explain the new year of Nepal on 1st Baikhash and you also can know about;

  • When is New Year 2077 of Nepal?
  • How Peoples celebrate Nepali New Year?
  • Why Nepal is in different Years?
  • What people will do on Nepali New Year 2077?
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When Is New Year 2077?

In this year Nepali people will celebrate the new year 2077 on 13th April 2020. Nepali calendar starts from 57 BC and Now Nepal is going to celebrating its new year 2077 in April.

How Peoples celebrate Nepali New Year?

All peoples celebrate the new year as many different methods. On this Day of Nepali new year, people wear national dress Daura-Suruwal and Dhaka Topi. Peoples gather in public places, singing the national anthem, dancing, eating sweets, celebrate a party, etc. On the day of the new year, Nepali president and Nepali prime-minister speech about the nation and upcoming national projects. And they greeting to the public on national televisions.

Why Nepal is in different Years?

Nepal is an antiquated notion. It’s a Hindu larger part nation that used to be the Hindu Kingdom many years ago. Nepalese date begins from 57 BC as indicated by which the running year now is 2076 and after April 13 it will be 2077 in Nepal. It is a lunar calendar and its new year ordinarily falls between April 10 to 20.

It is named in the wake of King Vikramaditya who announced each resident of his nation debt-free. The new year starts from Baishakh month which as per Hindu folklore is the day when Lord Brahma made the Universe. the Hindu rulers of Nepal favored this schedule since it was straightforwardly identified with the renowned Hindu King, Vikramaditya and it causes Nepal to make known to the remainder of the world.

What people will do on Nepali New Year 2077?

Peoples will celebrate New Year in a different way in Baikhash 1st 2077, Because of the Corona Virus COVOD-19. In this year people cannot organize any parties and they cannot gather in public places. Nepal is already locked down for one month by the government of Nepal to save the public from Coronavirus. The COVID-19 is a great challenge to the human in the earth. So this year’s people will not celebrate the new year in Nepal. This is the bad time of the world and we need to fight against Coronavirus.

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