Lockdown Vehicle Online Pass In Nepal

Because of the COVID-19 Nepal is fully Lockdown. People must follow every Lockdown rule made by the Government of Nepal. Without any most important work, anyone found outside from their house Nepal police will arrest them and process for require punishment. In this case, If someone has the most important work to go outside of their home, they need to have proper proof of that certain work. If someone needs to go outside from home by their vehicle, they must need to have a Lockdown vehicle online Pass in Nepal. The Lockdown vehicle Pass will be provided by the Home Ministry of Nepal for the most important work.

But some peoples like Doctors, Bank employees need not required any pass but the need to have their original identity card.

The government of Nepal already provides online vehicle Pass for Lockdown period to the most important vehicles such as Vegetable vehicles, water tank vehicles, water jar vehicles, foods, and fruits vehicles until the lockdown period. But other private vehicles get Lockdown vehicle Pass only for 1 week.

Lockdown Vehicle Online Pass in Nepal
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The process to get Lockdown vehicle online Pass in Nepal

People can get a vehicle Pass from any police station in Nepal. But because of the increasing COVID_19 threat, the Government of Nepal start to provide vehicle pass online who most need it.

people need to follow following steps To get Lockdown online Pass in Nepal;

  • Go to the mobile message box and type any code and sent to 1112,
  • After sending SMS you will get a website link to apply for Lockdown vehicle online Pass or you can directly open the link https://epass.moha.gov.np/ for fill the online form,
  • In that website, you need to Enter Your Name, Address, Mobile Number, and Area of Access,
  • Then need to Upload your ID proof such as Citizenship card, Voter ID card, Passport, Driving License, Employee ID, etc,
  • Then you need to Upload your Vehicles Details and required Document (Bluebook),
  • For what purpose you need the Lockdown Pass, so need to Upload necessary Documents like Hospital Document, Recommendation for Organization, etc,
  • If you are any important service provider, you need to submit your service category, ID Card, and valid reasons for getting Lockdown online Pass.


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