Holi Festival, Why Holi is celebrated? ( Historical background)


In this article, we are going to give some important information about the famous cultural festival Holi. In this article you will know about;

  • What is Holi?
  • Why Holi is celebrated? ( Historical background of Holi)
  • How Holi is celebrated?
  • What you can’t do in Holi?

What is Holi Festival?

 Holi is the famous cultural festival of Hinduism. Holi festival is mainly celebrated in India and Nepal. This festival is also called the festival of colours because it has celebrated with using various colours. And I also called “Falgu Purnima” because it will celebrate on the full moon of Falgun. Before this festival had manly celebrate in Terai region of Nepal but these days it has celebrated in all parts of Nepal and northern parts of India.

Why Holi is celebrated? ( Historical background)

According to the Religious book Ramayan, Holi festival is related to the story of Prahlad. Prahlad is a son of Hirinya Kashyapu and he was a great devotee of god Bishnu. But his father Hirinya Kashyapu was a demon and he didn’t like lord Bishnu. Many time Hirinya Kashyapu try to kill his son Prahlad with the help of his sister Holika.

 Once, Demon king Hirinya Kashyapu order to Holika and Prahlad to sit on a great burning fire. Holika took Prahlad on her lap and sat on the burning fire. Holika was blessed by Demon king to don’t harm by the fire but Prahlad didn’t. when the sat on the fire, at that time the blessed didn’t work and Holika died. Prahlad was safe because he was a devotee of Lord Bishnu and lord Bishnu save him.

Finally Prahlad victory over Holika and Hirinya Kashyapu. To remember this victory of Prahlad over Holika, Holi festival start celebrated.


How the Holi Festival is celebrated?

Holi is celebrated with using various colours. At that day of Holi, people are gathering in a ground. They wear new dresses. People wear a white dress with some colourful prints. People bring many powder colours and them through to each other. People using Lola ( a balloon with colourful water ).

At that day everyone will dancing, singing, organized party etc. Hindu people will celebrate this festival as New year.

What you cannot do in Holi?

In the occasion of Holi, you need to be careful about many things while celebrating Holi;

  • Don’t through colours to strangers
  • Don’t put colours to girls without their permission. (Red colours put on ladies head by everyone is not allowed in Hindu religion.
  • Don’t go to the strangers crowed
  • Wear cheap and throwable dresses. ( your dresses will be full of colours )
  • Protect your Face and body with chemicals and some harmful colours.

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