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High Paying Jobs In America 2020, Top 10 Jobs To Get Maximum Salary

Highest Paying Job In America

Choosing the perfect career can be a daunting task. But if you have to choose then why not choose from one of the top-paying jobs ever. We’re going to look at the highest paying job in America based on how much they can pay you, based on how many of them are available, and based on how many of them can help you lead a good life.

When deciding on a career international students typically just look for what that salary figure that I can get. But there’s a lot of other things that you have to look out for or rather watch out for when you’re coming to the United States to work. It’s not just the base salary but it’s also important to where you’re working and it’s also important how many of those jobs are actually available in the market. Because you might have a job that’s really really high-paying but that’s also because there’s very few of them and there’s it requires a lot of specialization.

So the list that I’ve made is the top ten highest paying jobs in America based on all of these factors combined are Physician, Pharmacist, Attorney, Physician’s Assistants, Software Development Managers, Nurse Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Financial planner, Cloud Engineer.


Data Scientists (highest paying job in America)

A data scientist is a person who sits at the intersection of Business and Technology. And they like to churn huge amounts of data and make decisions out of data. This requires a specialized skill set because nowadays the amount of data we collect is so extremely large. So to become a data scientist you need to have a background in computer science and statistics. So you typically do a bachelor’s degree in computer science, gain some knowledge in the industry, and then go and become a data scientist.

Typically you would also need a master’s degree in computer science. Now with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the data scientists’ job has really become popular with a lot of them making upwards of $120,000. Actually, if you look at the stats in the last three years, the number of data scientist jobs has increased by 320%. That’s a heavy increase and the salaries have actually increased by more than 33% in the last three years.

So that tells you that the data scientist job is a highly lucrative one in the USA. The best cities to be data scientists or Chicago San Francisco and Seattle.

Requirements to be a Data Scientists

bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree in computer science, Some experience in the industry, Knowledge of statistics

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is a person who works in the cloud with cloud software and tools and technologies. You must have heard of these three really prominent cloud providers Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. These are the three cloud providers that are prominent and people who work on these cloud technologies are known as cloud engineers.

In order to become a cloud engineer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or management of information systems. You can follow that up with a little bit of experience in the field. But since cloud technologies are new you don’t really have to worry about having a lot of experience before you get into your job. People who have worked as a cloud engineer they get more than $97,000 per years. So the Cloud Engineer is also the highest paying job in America.

The top cities for this job are Seattle San Francisco, New York, and San Jose California.

Requirements to be a Cloud Engineer

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Bachelor’s degree in management of information systems, a little bit of experience in the field

Financial planning and analysis manager

This is a person who takes care of a company’s business forecasting. They earn close to $102,000 per year on an average. This person is responsible for having a keen eye on the company’s financial data. They’re always looking at trends, deviations, and fluctuations in financial data. Their job is very very valuable to the company.

Most employers require you to have a bachelor’s degree in finance and if you have an MBA on top of that’s just brilliant. It will take care of the rest of your life basically and you will get into a good position at the company. A little bit of experience always helps you because a lot of companies are looking for experience while hiring for these roles.

So I know it’s gonna be a little hard for you, but you should always be at it get a little bit of internship done from somewhere or work as an assistant under somebody before you get your big gig. But once you’re there, the sky is the limit because the salaries for this job are really really high.

Hot cities for this job are Atlanta ma’am this and New York Atlanta and Memphis. They don’t show up on any other job but this one right so this is a really a good one to have for those areas if you’re studying in one of the universities in Atlanta or Memphis.


Bachelor’s degree in finance/ MBA

Solutions Architect

A Solutions Architect in u.s. earn a starting base salary of $103,000 per year. It goes up based on what tools and technologies they’re familiar with. Like for instance a lot of them who understand Java j2ee applications can earn slightly higher than the average.

So, solution architects, the primary responsibility is understanding business needs and requirements. Then translating it back to technical requirements and then getting it done from the team is typically what the solution architect does in a company. You sit in a very important position between the business and the technical team.

So what do you need to study in order to get into this role? Typically you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems. But for a Solutions Architect, you might also need to complete a few certifications that are really important. Then once you have that you’ll need a little bit of experience as a software engineer.

Major cities where you can get a job as a solution architect are Austin Charlotte Boston and New York.


bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems, a little bit of experience as a software engineer

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners in u.s. can earn up about $109,000 per year as a base starting salary. Now nurse practitioners’ jobs not that Easy. The primary responsibility is to diagnose a patient’s illness, be able to interpret and understand patient diagnostic tests and reports, and then also be able to prescribe medications and drugs to them. Then take care of their patients in the long run.

The path to becoming a nurse practitioner in u.s. begins with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Followed by a license and experience some level of experience that you need to gain as a registered nurse. Now typically registered nurses and nurse practitioners need about two to three years of post Bachelorette experience in the field. Compared to physicians who actually need about seven years of experience in the field.

Hot cities for this job are Los Angeles Portland Baltimore Columbus and Boston.


Bachelor’s degree in nursing, 2-3 years of post Bachelorette experience in the field

Software Development Managers

Software Development Managers earn about $112,000 per year in income. Software development managers’ primary responsibility is to be able to manage people resources software and processes in the IT function of a company. In really small organizations like startups software development managers can actually take a very hands-on role. They’re also thinking about business decisions and what should be the next feature that you go out on an existing product or on a new product.

To pursue a career as a software development manager you just need a basic bachelor’s degree in computer science. And then you can just join a company as a software engineer. Slowly in about two years’ time, you get to become a software development manager if you have the right set of business and people skills.

Hot cities for this job or Sunnyvale San Francisco, Austin Boston, and New York City.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Physician’s Assistant (highest paying job in America)

Physician’s Assistants earn about $117,000 a year in basic income. So the Physician’s Assistants is also the highest paying job in America A physician’s assistant is basically a person who assists a physician as the name suggests in their office and they take care of all of the physician’s patients under the supervision of the physician himself or herself.

So what do you need to study in order to become a physician’s assistant? Now unlike a physician who requires about four years of medical school followed by practice and training before they can become a physician.

A physician’s assistant just requires about two to three years of education and if you have some of these behavioral and Medical Sciences like microbiology and physiology in your program. That’s all it takes to become a Physician’s assistant. You don’t even need any post-study training you can directly be supervised by a physician and work at their clinic. That’s a pretty cool part.

The cities for this job are New York Baltimore Boston Columbus and Raleigh North Carolina.


two to three years of education and if you have some of these behavioral and Medical Sciences like microbiology and physiology in your program

An Attorney

Among the highest paying job in America, An attorney is in the third position in the highest paying job in America. An Attorney earns about a hundred and twenty-six thousand dollars ($126,000) a year in average base income. An attorney’s job is basically to defend or plead for a client in their court cases or any legal issues that they might have. I’m sure a lot of you’re familiar with what an attorney is.

Now if you’re an international student or you’ve been trained in your country in law then it might actually be tough for you to come here and start from that point. You might have to start from scratch because the jurisdiction and the law here is very different. They do not really accept international legal studies. So you will have to actually based on the state you are in where you’re living where you’re working you might have to learn the law of the land. It’s hard but it’s not impossible.

So want to become a lawyer six easy steps to becoming a lawyer.

-get your bachelor’s degree. it’s the minimum requirement to enter law school

-To complete the law school admissions test.

-Once you’re done with the test identify law schools that you want to go through and then complete their admissions application.

-On the Juris Doctor degree from that university or law school.

-Pass the bar exam that’s the most important exam that is needed for you to actually go and practice as an attorney or a lawyer.

-you are now an attorney.

Hot cities for this job are San Francisco,  Washington DC which is the center of all political reforms in the United States.


The second highest paying job in America is a pharmacist who can make about a hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars($129,000) per year in base income. A pharmacist’s job is basically to dispense prescription drugs and medication to patients. Also, help them understand their prescriptions and help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Pharmacists are really popular in u.s. There are about 300,000 pharmacists working in the US. The majority of them about 50% of them work at pharmacies and drug stores across the country.

So how do you become a pharmacist? in order to become a pharmacist you need to have a basic doctor of pharmacy degree. You have to first have some post-secondary subjects in your curriculum basically physics chemistry and biology. Make sure that when you apply for your D form you’re only applying to accredited programs.

Basically, there’s a council it’s called the Accreditation council for pharmacy education. That’s the one that you have to look for there are about a hundred and twenty-eight (128) programs in the United States. Most programs will also require you to have a peek at or a pharmacy common admissions test. I think I got that right or maybe the applications test or something but they will also require you to have sometimes a proper bachelor’s degree like a three-year bachelor’s degree. Some will just require you to have basic undergraduate studies including the subjects that I mentioned physics biology and chemistry.  So the D form programs typically require about four years to complete.

Major cities that hire pharmacists are Dallas Tennessee New York and Washington.


Bachelor degree in physics, biology, or chemistry

Physician (highest paying job in America)

In our list, The number one highest paying job in America is a physician. A physician they earn an average salary of about two hundred and forty thousand dollars($240,000) which is almost double the second-best job that we had on the list. Physicians can make a lot of money but also they spend a ton of time just studying and earning a degree getting their license and getting all the training requirements completed.

Everybody knows who a physician is. You basically are treating patients, treating their illnesses, and taking care of public health. Now physicians and surgeons are one of the most difficult admission requirements and study requirements in the United States. They need to complete about four years or four bachelor’s degrees go to a medical school. Then get about three to seven years of experience in internship or residency programs.


It’s really tough by the time you finish becoming a physician or a surgeon. If you take anywhere between eight to ten years of study and also a lot of money because admission fees are pretty high in the United States. Also, medical schools are very very competitive. Most schools will require you to complete the MCAT which is the medical common admissions test. Once you finish that then you have to submit your transcripts. You might also have to interview with a panel of medical professionals from the institution. They look at not just your transcripts not just your scores but also how active you are, how interactive you are, what kind of extracurricular activities you’ve been part of.

It’s pretty crazy by the time you clear everything gets through Medical School. Complete your internship get the license to become a doctor which is the USMLE. You have to clear that exam and it’s pretty hard to clear that exam. Then you become a physician or a surgeon.

So good luck guys, but if you become one then life is all set because at a minimum over two hundred and forty thousand dollars a year. You don’t have to look back at all.

Hot cities for this profession are New York, Tampa Las Vegas, and Boston.

So These are the top 10 highest paying jobs in America in my opinion.

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