Hari Talika Teej | Women Festival of Nepal

Haritalika Teej, Women Festival of Nepal

In this post, we are writing about a famous festival in Nepal Teej. This festival is also called Hari Talika Teej or women festival.

Today we will describe;

  • What is Hari Talika Teej?
  • What is the historical background of the Teej festival?
  • How to celebrate the Haritalika Teej festival?
  • Why do we celebrate Teej?
  • Who is Parvati?
  • What should eat before and after Teej Fast?

What is Hari Talika Teej?

Haritalika Teej is a three day long greatest and famous women festival in Nepal. This is the one and only festival, especially for women. Even this is a women festival but women celebrate and stay fasting for twenty-four hours to pray lord Shiva for their husband’s long life. The unmarried girls also stay fast and pray for Lord Shiva to get a loyal husband. This festival is related to the story of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva.

What is the historical background of the Hari Talika Teej festival?

According to the religious book of Hindu, A long time ago there is a man called Himalaya Parbat. He had a beautiful daughter Parvati. Parvati is a great devotee of Lord Shiva and she wants to marry him.

One day, Maharshi Narad came to Himalaya Parbat’s house ( father of Parvati ) to talk about Lord Bishnu and Parvati’s married. Himalaya Parbat ready to give his daughter Parvati to Lord Bishnu. When Parvati know about this she had very upset with her father and she ran away from her home with the help of her friends.

Parvati Stay on a Cave near the Ganga river and she starts to stay on ascetic life. Many years she didn’t eat any food and even water. She start to spend critical life. Lord Shiva was surprised after know all about Parvati and he had gone near Parvati to test her as rich Bishnu. She said to Parvati to marry him because he has uncountable wealth. But Parvati ignores him and just pray for lord shiva. After this Lord shiva know that Parvati really want to marry him and he revealed his identity and he married Parvati.

So the Hari Talika Teej festival starts to celebrate that happy ending of Parvati’s love story. This is the background of the Teej Festival.

Hari Talika Teej

How to celebrate the Hari Talika Teej festival?

Hari Talika Teej is a three-day long festival. The celebration of all three days is different.

First Day

On the first day of this festival, girls and women take a bath, clean their house, eat only vegetarian foods, healthy food and they will gatting ready to pray for Lord Shiva the next day. In the evening of this day, people (especially women) eat Daar ( rice pudding). They can eat fresh fruits, rice pudding, juice until the next morning at 4 am.

Second Day

The second day is the main day of this festival. This is also the fasting day and holiday in Nepal. People pray for Lord Shiva to their husband’s long life and get a good husband to girls. Women celebrate this day by wearing red Sari, red dress, singing, dancing, gathering and praying. they will not take any kind of food and drinks on this day.


On this day, Nepali women taking a Holy bath in the river. This day also called the Rishi Panchami. Women’s bath with red mud, brush with Dattiun and pray to Lord Shiva.

Why do we celebrate Teej?

According to the religious book Shwosthani, Women need to celebrate Haritalika Teej to making lord Shiva happy and get a smart husband or pray for the long life of their husband.

Who is Parvati?

Parvati is a beautiful daughter of Himalaya Parbat and she is the wife of Lord Shiva. Before she was Satidevi, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. When Daksha Prajapati hates lord Shiva and Satidevi had killed herself by a jump in a great burning fire (Yagya Kunda). When she suicide she had returned as Parvati.

What should eat before and after Hari Talika Teej Fast?

Haritalika Teej is a fast festival when people take fast for more than 24 hours. People can eat Fruits, Khir(rice pudding), sweets, juice, and vegetables only. People cannot eat non-vegetarians food during the three days periods of the Teej festival. But during fast, they cannot eat or drink anything even water.

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