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Goa India

In this post, I’m going to explain the most famous tourist destination of India, Goa. After reading this article, you can get many tips and tricks in Goa.

Goa is the best place for water sports. Many internal and foreign tourists come here to celebrate vacations, Honeymoon, and for film shooting. Goa was created by Lord Parshuram. He had pushed the ocean repeatedly backward with his arrows. Even today, many places in Goa are named Vanavali, Vanasthali, etc. there’s a brown mountain near Harmal in North Goa. it’s considered to be the place to perform the yajna of Parashurama. Historically, Goa was first written within the Mahabharata. At that point, the name of Goa was ‘Goparashtra’ i.e. ‘Cow grazing country’. it’s believed that Goa is an aberration of ‘Goparashtra’.

It is a state whose memory is remembered on hearing the name of a far-flung beach, modern lifestyle, twinkling steps, and exquisite fennel made from cashew nuts. But this spot isn’t limited to the present only. There are many such excellent resorts during this state of Ho-hole, where people also are available search of peace. it’s not only beautiful areas but also all types of facilities associated with tourism. Small offices of travel agencies are built here, which make tourists visit all the areas of Goa. The services here are so good that even the native tourists, foreign tourists don’t have any problem. that’s why it’s also called the ‘city of tourists’. Konkani is the official language of the people here.

The best time to go for a visit is from October to March. This season attracts tons of tourists. thanks to heavy rainfall from June to September, tourists are rarely here during this season. This place is taken into account a special and attractive venue, especially for the New Year’s Day party. So you can also attend this place to enjoy the New Year party.

How About Your Budget?

This tourist spot may be a state whose tourism varies consistent with your pocket. Here you’ll make the budget as you would like, from 5-10 thousand to five lakh. Everything from cheap hotels to expensive resorts is available here. By the way, if you’re getting to visit during the Goa high season, then make the booking beforehand, because looking at the last time may cost you dearly, you’ll not get everything as per your choice. And on Christmas, New Year is that the highest rush here.

Where do you stay?

Goa Tourism Department has made many tourist homes and huts along the seashore, with a bed facility that is also available. Also, many cheap and expensive hotels and resorts are available for every budget.

If you are thinking of going to Goa, then take advance tickets from any travel agency so that the trip to Goa starts from the very next day of reaching the place. It would be better that you start your journey from (North) North Goa and reach the Althino Hill for Panaji on the second day.

Places to visit

There are Panaji, Vasco de Gama, Madgaon, Mapusa, Ponda, Old Goa, Chhapora, Vegatore, Benaulim, Dudhsagar waterfalls, etc.

Go to this place and visit all these beaches – Dona Paula, Mirmar, Bogmalo, Anjuna, Vegatore, Colva, Kellangut, Banga, Palolem, Aram Bol, Anjuna.

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What you can do in Goa?

Sports: You can do all these water sports by reaching Beaches – Banana Rides, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Jetski, Boat Ride, Paragliding. Dolphins cruise in the sea at sunrise and sunset on Calangute and Baga Beach to see the dolphins laughing.

You can enjoy dinner and dance or have candlelight dinner on the beach in the evening. Also, visit Casino and watch Casino Life.

Here cars and bikes are available on rent (rent), in which petrol and diesel will have to be put to you and you can rent them for 12 or 24 hours. So you are ready to roam the whole city. Keep looking at the map from the smartphone and enjoy the long drive.

Religious places: Basilica of Bom Jesus (St. Catharines), Cathedral of St. Cajetan, Sri Dutt Temple, Church of St. Francis, Mangesh Sri Mahalasa.

Historical churches: Of Assisi, Holy Spirit, Pilar Seminary, Rakol Seminary, etc. are important historical churches here. Apart from this, St. Kazaran Church, St. Augustine Tower, Nunnery of St. Monica and St. Erks Church is also famous.

Sacred Temples: Sri Kamakshi, Saptakoteshwara, Sri Shantadurga, Mahalasa Narayani, Bhagwati Temple of Pernem, and Mahalakshmi, etc. are worth visiting temples.

National Parks: Bondla Sanctuary, Kaval Wildlife Sanctuary, Kotijao Wildlife Sanctuary.

How did you reach Goa?

By Road: One can reach Goa by bus or taxi from Mumbai. Goa is also connected to other cities by road.

RailWay: Konkan Railway (Mumbai to Bangalore) is the most attractive railway. This railway line passes through Goa and travelers traveling on it can easily see the scenic beauty of the region.

Airways:  There are direct flights to Goa from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Cochin, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Dabolim is an airport for national and international flights located in South Goa, 26 km (southern) from Panaji. Mumbai is the major airport for foreign tourists. There are also direct international flights to Goa.

packing baggage tips: Keep Goggles, Hat, Sunscreen, Waterproof Handbags, Sports Costumes, Water Bottle in Bags, Cameras, Slippers-Boots, Light Jewelry, No Expensive Jewelry, Bag Packs, Pith Bags, Water Bottles, Energy Drinks and whatever else you need Began

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