Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, When is Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 ?

Ganesh Chaturthi festival

In this post, we will explain about Ganesh Chaturthi festival of Hindu and we will talking about what is Ganesh Chaturthi festival?, how to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi festival?, how to please Lord Ganesh?, how was Ganesh born?, why Lord Ganesh have elephant’s head?, Who is Ganesh?, Etc.

In 2020, The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is on August 22 – September 01

  • What is the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and how to celebrate it?
  • Who is Ganesh?
  • How to please Lord Ganesh?
  • How was Ganesha born?
  • Why Lord Ganesh has an elephant’s head?
  • What are the 108 names of Lord Ganesh?

What is the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and How to Celebrate it?

Ganesh Chaturthi is a famous festival of Hindu. It also called Vinayaka Chavithi. It is a ten days long festival. Ganesh Chaturthi will celebrate in India to honor the birthday of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with the devotion of Lord Ganesh by Hindus all over the world. This festival has mainly celebrated in India. In India, it is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana.

At the beginning of the Ganesh festival, people installed a statue of Lord Ganesh on their home and a large statue in public places. The statues are decored well. Every day devotees will pray for god, give sweets to the Statue, give Laddu, etc.

On the 10th day of this festival, Many people gather and carry the statues of Lord Ganesh of a public place and they put it in the river or oceans.

Who is Ganesh and How was he born?

Lord Ganesh is the second son of Ma Parvati and Lod Shiva Shankar. The first son of them was Kumar and second was Ganesh.

Ganesh is created by Ma Parvati by the dust of her body. When Parvati was bathing, she collects some dust from her body and makes a statue by that dust. When she made a statue, she liked and loved it and she gives a breath on it. When she makes the statue alive, she gave the name Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

How to please Lord Ganesh?

According to the Hindu religion, there are many ways to worship Lord Ganesh to make him Happy. Here are some tips to please Lord Ganesh;

  • Light
  • Offer Ladoos, Modaks, or other sweets to Ganesh.
  • Install an idol of Lord Ganesh on the home.
  • put garland around the neck of the idol.
  • Repeat Ganesha’s mantras 108 times.

“Om Namo Siddhi Vinayakaya Sarva Kaarya Kartrey Sarva Vignha Prashamnay Sarvarjaya Vashyakarnaya Sarvajan Sarvastree Purush Aakarshanaya Shreeng Om Swaha.”

  • Close eyes and put the image of Lord Ganesha in your mind.
  • Put tilak to the idol of Ganesh, yourself, and to others in participant in the Puja.
  • Give Prashadi to all who come to the Puja.

Why Lord Ganesh has an elephant’s head?

According to the religious book Swosthani, when Parvati creates Ganesh by her dust from the body and makes alive him, she takes him in her house. When they reach the house, Parvati orders him to stay in the door and not allow anyone to enter the house. When Ganesh was in the door at that time Lord Shiva arrived home and try to enter the house but Ganesh not allowed to enter him because Ganesh doesn’t know Lord Shiva was his father and Lord Shiva also don’t know the Ganesh was Parvati’s son.

When Ganesh disallowed Shiva to enter his home, Lord Shiva gets angry and cuts his head and through his head on a great burning fire. When Parvati knows about this, she starts to cry and told Lord Shiva to give her son Ganesh back. When Shiva knows Ganesh was Parvati’s son he feels an excuse and he tries to make alive the body of Ganesh. But unfortunate, Ganesh’s head had burned by fire.

Lord Shiva ordered his soldiers to bring someone’s head to make Ganesh alive. Solders start to search for someone to cut his head but they cannot find anyone there. Finally, they saw an elephant and they cut his head and give it to Lord Shiva. Lord shiva joined the elephant’s head to the body of Ganesh and make him alive. So Lord Ganesh has an elephant’s head.

What are the 108 names of Lord Ganesh and its Mantras?

Many people called Ganesh as different names. Lord Ganesh have 108 differents names and each names have different Mantras. The names and the Mantras are as follows;

  1. Gajanana – Om Gajananaya Namah
  2. Ganadhyaksha – Om Ganadhyakshaya Namah
  3. Vighnaraja – Om Vighnarajaya Namah
  4. Vinayaka – Om Vinayakaya Namah
  5. Dvaimatura – Om Dvaimaturaya Namah
  6. Dwimukha – Om Dwimukhaya Namah
  7. Pramukha – Om Pramukhaya Namah
  8. Sumukha – Om Sumukhaya Namah
  9. Kriti – Om Kritine Namah
  10. Supradipa – Om Supradipaya Namah
  11. Sukhanidhi – Om Sukhanidhaye Namah
  12. Suradhyaksha – Om Suradhyakshaya Namah
  13. Sovereign of the Gods
  14. Surarighna – Om Surarighnaya Namah
  15. Mahaganapati – Om Mahaganapataye Namah
  16. Manya – Om Manyaya Namah
  17. Mahakala – Om Mahakalaya Namah
  18. Mahabala – Om Mahabalaya Namah
  19. Heramba – Om Herambaya Namah
  20. Lambajathara – Om Lambajatharayai Namah
  21. Haswagriva – Om Haswa Grivaya Namah
  22. Mahodara – Om Mahodaraya Namah
  23. Madotkata – Om Madotkataya Namah
  24. Mahavira – Om Mahaviraya Namah
  25. Mantrine – Om Mantrine Namah
  26. Mangala Swara – Om Mangala Swaraya Namah
  27. Pramadha – Om Pramadhaya Namah
  28. Prathama – Om Prathamaya Namah
  29. Prajna – Om Prajnaya Namah
  30. Vighnakarta – Om Vighnakartre Namah
  31. Vignaharta – Om Vignahartre Namah
  32. Vishwanetra – Om Vishwanetre Namah
  33. Viratpati – Om Viratpataye Namah
  34. Brahmarupine – Om Brahmarupine Namah
  35. Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve – Om Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve Namah
  36. Jishnave – Om Jishnave Namah
  37. Vishnupriyaya – Om Vishnupriyaya Namah
  38. Bhakta Jivitaya – Om Bhakta Jivitaya Namah
  39. Jitamanmadhaya – Om Jitamanmadhaya Namah
  40. Aishwaryakaranaya – Om Aishwaryakaranaya Namah
  41. Jyayase – Om Jyayase Namah
  42. Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya – Om Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya Namah
  43. Ganga Sutaya – Om Ganga Sutaya Namah
  44. Ganadhishaya – Om Ganadhishaya Namah
  45. Gambhira Ninadaya – Om Gambhira Ninadaya Namah
  46. Vatave – Om Vatave Namah
  47. Abhishtavaradaya – Om Abhishtavaradaya Namah
  48. Jyotishe – Om Jyotishe Namah
  49. Bhktanidhaye – Om Bhktanidhaye Namah
  50. Bhavagamyaya – Om Bhavagamyaya Namah
  51. Mangalapradaya – Om Mangalapradaya Namah
  52. Avyaktaya – Om Avyaktaya Namah
  53. Aprakrita Parakramaya – Om Aprakrita Parakramaya Namah
  54. Satyadharmine – Om Satyadharmine Namah
  55. Sakhaye – Om Sakhaye Namah
  56. Sarasambunidhaye – Om Sarasambunidhaye Namah
  57. Maheshaya – Om Maheshaya Namah
  58. Divyangaya – Om Divyangaya Namah
  59. Manikinkini Mekhalaya – Om Manikinkini Mekhalaya Namah
  60. Samasta Devata Murtaye – Om Samasta Devata Murtaye Namah
  61. Sahishnave – Om Sahishnave Namah
  62. Satatotthitaya – Om Satatotthitaya Namah
  63. Vighatakarine – Om Vighatakarine Namah
  64. Vishwagdrishe – Om Vishwagdrishe Namah
  65. Vishwarakshakrite – Om Vishwarakshakrite Namah
  66. Kalyanagurave – Om Kalyanagurave Namah
  67. Unmattaveshaya – Om Unmattaveshaya Namah
  68. Aparajite – Om Aparajite Namah
  69. Samsta Jagadadharaya – Om Samsta Jagadadharaya Namah
  70. Sarwaishwaryapradaya – Om Sarwaishwaryapradaya Namah
  71. Akranta Chida Chitprabhave -Om Akranta Chida Chitprabhave Namah
  72. Shripati – Om Shripataye Namah
  73. Vakpati – Om Vakpataye Namah
  74. Shringarin – Om Shringarine Namah
  75. Ashritavatsala – Om Ashritavatsalaya Namah
  76. Shivapriya – Om Shivapriyaya Namah
  77. Shighrakarina – Om Shighrakarine Namah
  78. Shashwata – Om Shashwataya Namah
  79. Bala – Om Bala Namah
  80. Balotthitaya – Om Balotthitaya Namah
  81. Bhavatmajaya – Om Bhavatmajaya Namah
  82. Purana Purusha – Om Purana Purushaya Namah
  83. Pushne – Om Pushne Namah
  84. Pushkarotshipta Varine – Om Pushkarotshipta Varine Namah
  85. Agraganyaya – Om Agraganyaya Namah
  86. Agrapujyaya – Om Agrapujyaya Namah
  87. Agragamine – Om Agragamine Namah
  88. Mantrakrite – Om Mantrakrite Namah
  89. Chamikaraprabhaya – Om Chamikaraprabhaya Namah
  90. Sarvaya – Om Sarvaya Namah
  91. Sarvopasyaya – Om Sarvopasyaya Namah
  92. Sarvakartre – Om Sarva Kartre Namah
  93. Sarvanetre – Om Sarvanetre Namah
  94. Sarvasiddhipradaya – Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namah
  95. Siddhaye – Om Siddhaye Namah
  96. Panchahastaya – Om Panchahastaya Namah
  97. Parvatinadanaya – Om Parvatinandanaya Namah
  98. Prabhave – Om Prabhave Namah
  99. Kumaragurave – Om Kumaragurave Namah
  100. Akshobhyaya – Om Akshobhyaya Namah
  101. Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya – Om Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya Namah
  102. Pramodaya – Om Pramodaya Namah
  103. Modakapriyaya – Om Modakapriyaya Namah
  104. Kantimate – Om Kantimate Namah
  105. Dhritimate – Om Dhritimate Namah
  106. Kamine – Om Kamine Namah
  107. Kapitthapanasapriyaya – Om Kapitthapanasapriyaya Namah
  108. Brahmacharine – Om Brahmacharine Namah

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