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Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge Of Scar (2022)

A well-known ”Al-chemist” is shown as the movie starts and ”’ Al-Chemists” is the one who can make or change anything with their magic. “Al-chemist” was walking somewhere late at night when a man approached him and asked him to fight. There was a fight between them and that man ends the well-known ”Al Chemist”. A station is shown in the next scene where the main character of the story ”Edward” is seen his brother was also with him who was a robot and they were going somewhere.

Fullmetal Alchemist

There, they meet a boy who tells “Edward” that he is a prince who has come to learn how to be immortal. ”Immortal” means a human who can never die, later, he asks ”Edward” I am in search of a precious stone as well do you know where I can find it? ”Edward” doesn’t reply after hearing ”Precious stone” because he was also finding it to bring the body of his brother back. As he has lost his body because of an incident ”Edward” can bring his body back through that stone. They were talking to the prince meanwhile, a few goons arrive and start fighting with everyone.

The Revenge Of Scar (2022)

The companions of the prince were trying to stop those goons and they attack ”Edward” and his brother. Later, there was a heavy fight between them while moving upside down the train. Then a companion arrives to help ”Edward” who was a creature like a human. That means he wasn’t a human but a creature in a human getup. The companion of the prince attacks him but ”Edward” says your attacks will not harm him because he has imprisoned the souls of many people in his body and he can never die. Hearing this, the prince says ”okay so he is immortal”.

The Revenge Of Scar

Moving inside, they discover one of the goons has failed the brakes of the train. ”Edward” moves to the engine of the train after discovering this but that goon makes ”Edward” and his brother fall down from the train. Here, ”Edward” lifts up the train track with the help of his powers and magic. As the train was about to crash in the city its speed gets slow because the train track was in the air. Due to it, it stops in the air. The colonel is shown at the station and he was also an ”Al-Chemist” then he captures all the goons. Later, ”Edward” and his brother go to meet the colonel. The colonel tells them a man has ended our 10 Al-chemists.
We just know there is a mark on his forehead and that’s why we call him a man with a mark. You both are also ”Al-chemists” so from now on two guards will be with you for your protection
but ”Edward” and his brother escape. They were leaving but then they meet a girl in the town that girl falls because of ”Edward” so he takes her somewhere to feed her. Does the town girl say I have come from the other city just to learn how to become immortal? ”Edward” becomes furious after hearing this as the prince on the train also came to learn this. Being enraged with the thought of the prince ”Edward” starts chasing that girl but to save her life that girl hides behind a man wearing the coat. ”Edward” stops while seeing this.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Meanwhile, the soldier from the colonel arrives and says the colonel has sent me for your protection. Then the man in the coat removes the cloth from his face and we discover from the mark on his forehead that he is the marked man. Seeing him, the soldier moves to attack him but the man with the mark ends him with a single attack. Meanwhile, ”Edward’s” brother arrives and they were running from there but the man with the mark stops them with his magic and says I come here from ”God’s” side to punish all of you. As the acts you are doing are against the rules of nature and then a fight begins between them.


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