Dashain/Dussehra wishes In English | Happy Dussehra

people celebrate Dussehra to celebrate the victory of truth over evil. The god kali kill the demon Mahisashur in the war, so people start to celebrate this festival. In this post, I’m writing my some best Dashain/Dussehra wishes in the English language. you can read more about Dussehra festival: here>>

Dashain/Dussehra wishes

The victory of religion over unrighteousness .. Victory of truth over imperfection .. Victory of good over evil .. Victory of virtue over sin .. Victory of virtue over tyranny, Victory of knowledge over ignorance. Hearty greetings of the holy festival Vijayadashami symbol of Shri Ram’s victory over Ravana.

Dashain/Dussehra wishes
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May the festival of Vijayadashami fill happiness and happiness and peace in the life of you and your family. Happy Dussehra.

Best wishes to Vijayadashami.

Let the evils perish .. Let everyone grow. Happy Vijaya Dashami

Destruction of evil happens, Dussehra brings hope, hope like Ravan perishes for your sorrows, best wishes for Vijayadashami.

Happy happiness in your #life… Never ever get a mess… May your happiness stays forever… Happy Dussehra!

Burn the raven .. set the evil on fire… embrace the good… celebrate happiness… drink well… eat a lot… celebrate the festival of Dussehra. Happy Dussehra

A festival of happiness… a shower of love… out of sweets… a thousand times of happiness you get on this auspicious day. Best wishes to Vijayadashami.

Flowers bloom, happiness kisses your footsteps… May you never face sorrows… Wealth comes to your parts… This is our wish on the occasion of Dussehra. Happy Dussehra

Just like Ram won Lanka… So you also won the whole world. Happy Dussehra

Evil will have to be eradicated from this land of peace, Shri Ram will have to come again today to burn the terrorist Ravana! Happy Dussehra….

Good wins over evil! Dussehra brings hope, Like Ravan, our sorrows should end, Have a fresh start Shubh Dussehra with a new morning !!

Dussehra implies the victory of truth always Gan will break the lie, love the truth, Lakhs are set on the path of truth Flowers will become flowers without stopping! Happy Dussehra

This holy festival of Dussehra, Happiness brought to life immensely, Shree Rama Ji showers happiness in your home, Wish us good luck! Happy Dussehra

Destroy the evil like Ravana from the heart, And Lord Shri Ram resides there. !! Jai Shri Ram – Heartfelt Dussehra.

It is important to keep Ram alive in your mind, friends Ravana never dies by burning effigies …

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