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In this article, we are going to explain about the best tourist destination and best hill station in India Darjeeling.


Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful cities in India. It has Located at a height of 2, 200 meters above ocean level, the hill station of West Bengal is very well known among the visitors of all over the world. The excellence of Darjeeling can be measured from the way that it is also called Queen of Hills. You can visit the rich green tea garden, snow-clad Kanchenjunga’s best view, Buddhist cloisters, and, the Heritage Toy Train. In such a circumstance, in the event that you are likewise wanting to visit Darjeeling, at that point we are revealing to you when you ought to go to Darjeeling with the goal that you can appreciate it there well.

You must have seen Darjeeling repeatedly in Indian films. Hollywood also featured the famous Himalayan Railway during a film. it’s a little railway service that passes through the mountains. during this journey, you’ll enjoy the spectacular natural scenery. If seen, Darjeeling, situated within the small Himalayas, the Mahabharata range, is basically like heaven. the town has been referred to as a tourist destination since British rule. Also, the large tea plantations and quality tea here are popular everywhere in the world. In fact, many gardens of teas and various quality teas are extensively exported from this town.

Tea Garden

Best time to visit

By the way, the late spring month among April and June is viewed as the best to visit Darjeeling on the grounds that during this time Darjeeling doesn’t get hot weather and the climate is lovely. Indeed, even in the late spring season, the normal temperature of Darjeeling is around 25 degrees. There is an acceptable breeze for the duration of the day and nights are progressively lovely. In such a circumstance, alongside touring, you can take an interest in numerous other open-air exercises.

Attractions Of Darjeeling

  • war Memorial
  • Natural Beauty
  • Wildlife
  • Enjoy with Local Foods
  • Colonial construction
  • Darjeeling and nearby tourist places
  • Weather

War Memorial

Even though Darjeeling may be a quiet and delightful city today, its history has been very volatile. There are many wars to regulate this city. In today’s case, those that demand a separate Gorkhaland commit sporadic violence every now then. If you’re getting to Darjeeling, then don’t forget to ascertain the Darjeeling War Memorial built against the backdrop of the large snow-capped peak. This place is particularly liked by photographers.

Natural Beauty

In Darjeeling, you can see alpine and lash temperate forests with sal and oak trees. Despite the change in weather, the Darjeeling forests are lush, giving a new dimension to tourism. The city also has some natural parks. Of these, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park and Lloyd Botanical Garden are the main ones. In the evening time, you will find a large number of nature lovers and photographers at these places. This place is also known for a variety of orchids.


The West Bengal Forest Department is responsible for wildlife conservation in the region. A common rhinoceros, elephant, Indian tiger, leopard, and Padha are some of the common animals found in this region. Darjeeling is also known for birds. You can see many beautiful migratory birds flying here. You can enjoy shopping on the Mall Road of Darjeeling. If you know how to bargain, you can buy some good things at cheap prices.

The locals are quite affable and Durga Puja, Diwali and Kali Puja are celebrated with full enthusiasm here. Apart from this, a large number of local festivals are also celebrated here. Needless to say, whenever you go to Darjeeling, you will get the atmosphere. You can get acquainted with the local culture by visiting the Buddhist monasteries here.

Enjoy with Local Foods

Enjoying the local cuisine here can prove to be a memorable experience. Momo (a type of dumplings) has great popularity in the region. It is served with hot sauce and is made with chicken, beef, vegetables, or pork. Other street foods include a variety of noodle soups and some spicy rice staple.

Colonial construction

In Darjeeling, you can see many colonial constructions. The city used to be quite organized during British rule. Most of the buildings are still preserved and you can see the remains of British rule in the city. The beauty of the church here is worth seeing in the Gothic style.

The local peoples make the city more worth visiting. They are quite lively and are adept at playing a variety of instruments. Music lovers often write about the various small street clubs here. If seen, the music has dissolved in the culture here.

It can be an ideal place if you want to go out alone or with family. Many small cities are close by here. If you want to visit other cities in the northern region of West Bengal, then it will act as a base for you.


The weather of this beautiful city can be mainly divided into summer, rain, and winter. Where the summer season is normal, it is bitterly cold.

Darjeeling and nearby tourist places

Darjeeling has a lot for tourists. Of these, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Lloyd Botanical Garden, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Batasia Loop and War Memorial, Cable Cars, Bhutia Busty Gompa and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Museum are the main ones.

Himalayan mini Train

Information About Darjeeling

– Darjeeling is a beautiful city in West Bengal and it occupied the area of 3149 square km.

– The northern side of this city touched the border of Nepal and Sikkim. So sometimes it had the parts of Sikkim and sometimes of Nepal.

– This City discovered during the Anglo-Nepal war. When British soldiers were searching for an easy way to enter Nepal and Sikkim.

– The name of Darjeeling city had come with two Tibbatian words ‘Dorje’ and ‘Ling’. Which means Beautiful place.

– it is not famous only for natural beauties but I have also famous for popular Darjeeling tea.

– This city is also famous for Handi-craft.

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