Chhath Festival

In this article, I’m going to explain the Most popular Hindu Festival  ‘ Chhath Festival ‘.
After reading this article you will know about ;

  • What is the Chhath festival?
  • What is the Historical background of Chhath?
  • How the Chhath festival will celebrate?
  • Who is Chaithi Devi?

What is Chhath Festival

India is known as a land of festivals. Many festivals are celebrated in India, Out of them, Deepawali is a festival which will be related to the Chhat festival also. Chhath festival is a famous Hindu festival in the world. This is a four-day-long festival start from Kartik Shukla Chauthi and ends on Kartik Shukla Saptami Tithi. In this festival, people worship for Sun and his Sister to fulfill their wishes. Chhath is the only festival in the world when people take fast for 36 hours. This festival is celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and the Terai region of Nepal.

This festival has historical importance which will start with the Cleaning House and taking a bath and end with giving Argh (yogurt) to the Sun.

Chhath Festival
Giving Argh to the Sun

Historical Background of Chhath

This festival is related to a Hindu religious book Puran. According to the Hindu religious book Puran,  this festival is related to the story of king Priyawant.

Many years ago, a king Priyawant didn’t have any children. One day he asked Maharshi Kashyap “how can get children ?”. Maharshi Kashyap suggests the king organize Maha Yagya. When Maha Yagya had finish Maharshi Kashyap gave some food for eating to king Priyawanta’s wife. When they finished that religious pray of god, his wife gets pregnant and she gave birth a son but the baby was dead. When king Priyawant knows his son was dead, he goes to a river and he also ready to die. Suddenly, god’s daughter Dev Shena appeared there and told the king to pray for her. King to same as she told him and finally his son got alive. So the king had finished that pray of Dev Shena on Kratik Shukla Khasti, then Chhath festival starts to celebrate.

How the Chhath festival will Celebrate?

Chhath festival is a festival of the four-day celebration. Chhath festival starts from Kartik Shukla Chauthi and ends on Kartik Shukla Saptami. In this time devotees will pray for Sun with fasting for 36 hours.

  • 1st day – Nahaya Khaya: On the very first day of this festival, people clean their house, take a bath, decore their house then they will eat vegetarian food and start pray. They will eat Kaddu Daal and rice.
  • 2nd Day – Kharana: this day the prayers take Fasting the whole day and in the evening the take Bhojan(food), it called Kharana. Prayers will invite neighbors to take Bhojan ( Rice pudding made with the juice of sugarcane ).
  • 3rd day – Sandhya Argh: from the third-day people fasting until the next day. This day people decore Argh in a bamboo basket and in the evening prayers, every family member and neighbors go near a pond or river to give Arga ( yogurt ) to the sun which was going to sunset.
  • 4th day – Usha Argh: On the morning of the last day of the Chhath festival, people present in the same pond or river to give Argh to the rising sun. after finished give Argh they drink cow milk and finished their pray.

Who is Chhathi Devi?

According to the Hindu religious book, Chhathi Devi ( Chhati Maiya ) is know as Usha Devi. Chatti Maiya is a sister of god Sun. if people pray for Chhati Devi, the Sun will happy and he will give blessings to fulfill people’s wishes.

So, People celebrate the Chhath festival to make the Sun happy and get blessed.


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