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5 Highest Paying Teen Jobs In The USA 2021

Highest Paying Teen Jobs

So today we’re going to take a look at 5 of the Highest Paying Teen Jobs or the highest paying jobs you can get as a teenager. So we’ll go through this list and I’ll give you guys some ideas to get started as well as some ways you can expand some of these outsides of just the basic job. Then at the end, I’ll show you how you can actually go and find the highest paying jobs in your area.


The first one on the list is an in-store shopper. Especially in the last year when we’ve seen fewer people actually leaving their homes to go get groceries, in-store shoppers are in a lot higher demand than they were in previous years. Typically being an in-store shopper is going to pay a lot more than just being a bagger or a cashier or stocking the shelves at a grocery store.

Now unfortunately a lot of the apps that are built specifically for in-store shopping like Instacart are going to require you to be 18. So a way to get around that is to just apply for in-store shopping positions through the actual grocery store chains themselves.

So if you have a Walmart nearby or a Kroger, or Ralph’s, or whatever grocery store chain in your area – now most of those are offering their own in-store shopping options so you can apply directly to those. Sometimes though they will require you to first be a cashier or a bagger or take some lower-paying position and eventually build up to being those in-store shoppers or the curbside delivery people.

For this job, you can typically expect to make somewhere between $10-$20/hr again just depending on which state you live in and which grocery store you’re actually doing this for. My guess would be that Walmart probably does not pay as much as whole foods, but again it just depends on your area.

One of the downsides to this is that the grocery store may not let you accept tips from customers which you would be able to do through an app. But again if you’re under 18 and that’s your only option, hopefully, that hourly pay is enough to make up for it.


Next on the list is a restaurant host. These are the people when you first walk into a restaurant that is usually behind a little stand. The seat you, they determine which table to put you at, which waiter to put you with, and typically the hourly pay for a restaurant host is going to be higher than the waiters.

The only downside is that depending on what restaurant you work at you may or may not get a split of the tips. For this job, you can typically expect to make between $9-$15/hr. Again you may or may not get tips. But my tip for you is to go with the higher-profile restaurants.

So a steakhouse is likely going to pay you a lot more than a fast-food restaurant. But getting that host or hostess position at a steakhouse is going to be a lot more competitive than getting it at a smaller restaurant.


Next on the list is to be a nanny or an au pair. So babysitting is like the most basic job that you could put on one of these lists, but if you are a nanny instead of just being a babysitter, typically there’s a little bit more stability with that, and a little bit higher expectations of you.

So with a nanny position, you would typically go to someone’s house on set days of the week for set amounts of time and they would pay you to take care of their kids. Whereas with babysitting I think of that more as just going and watching people’s kids kind of whenever they need you to, kind of randomly.

So a nanny position you could expect to make somewhere between $10-$20/hr just depending on the family. But a cool alternative to this is if you want to go abroad and be a nanny you can actually become an au pair. You usually need to be a minimum of like 16 or 17 years old to do this.

But you can pretty much go to any country in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, anywhere you want to go and you can be a nanny there. They call this position being an au pair and you can typically expect to make somewhere between $300-$700 USD/mo.

Typically, you would go to that country, you would live with or near the family. So your housing would be covered, sometimes most or all of your food is covered, and you get paid additionally on top of that to actually watch their children.

So that could be a cool option if you are in late high school, or college, or taking a gap year, or if you’re just doing school online and you can do it from anywhere that could be a cool opportunity to go to a different country once borders start opening up again.


The next job is to be a lifeguard or a swim instructor. And a lot of times these kinds go hand in hand. So lifeguards will typically make somewhere between $10/hr and $20/hr depending on if you are a beginner lifeguard, if you have a lot of swimming experience, or if you eventually work your way up to becoming the pool manager for whatever pool you’re working at.

Sometimes gyms or country clubs will pay more than just your community pools, so that’s a good option to look into as well. Now typically what happens, is when you become a lifeguard, people will approach you for swim instruction anyways for their kids or maybe even for themselves. And for that depending on your swim experience, you could potentially make anywhere between $20 and $60 a lesson.

Another way to structure that would be to offer group lessons. So you could discount that rate per lesson but you could get maybe 3 or 4 kids that you teach all at once. If you want to be outside and working by a pool but you aren’t really a people person, you could be a pool cleaner instead.

If you’re working for a pool cleaning company, you could expect to make anywhere between $12-$18/hr. But I think that a good approach to this would be working for someone else’s pool cleaning company for a year or two, and then maybe the next year starting your own.

You would of course have some costs to buy equipment and the different chemicals that you need to actually clean the pools, but once you start your own pool cleaning business I have seen people charge between $60 and $100 an hour or per pool cleaning session. So if that ends up being something that you like doing, you could always start your own business and potentially make a lot more from that. Then you could even hire your own friends to help you out with your pool cleaning business.


Next, we have power washing or pressure washing. Again this is going to be outside, more of a summer job, but if you can find a power washing company to work for you could make anywhere between $12-$20/hr again. And just like the pool cleaning, if you wanted to you could eventually start your own. But power washing equipment can be pretty expensive.

So starting out it may be better to work for someone else or to go and find a cheap power washer and see how well that works, and see if you do want to start your own business.

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